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It all started with a red light. My wife was stopped at a red left turn arrow when all of the sudden crunch! The truck behind my wife was stuck by a car going 45 MPH (remember the light is red). Like a game of pinball the truck behind my wife was pushed into her. Our rear bumper was damaged, the tailgate was mushed, and the rear windshield was broken (but thankfully nobody was hurt). This was just the start of the fun.

When all was said and done the driver that caused this whole mess was arrested for suspected drunk driving. Who was at fault was very clear. The problem is the drunk driver was driving someone else’s car. Due to this small detail there is a very good chance she will not be covered by insurance (still pending). All the sudden something that should have been no big deal for our family has become a real pain.

You can never protect yourself from everything but here are a few factors that make this accident a little bit less stressful for my family.
-Having a generous emergency fund we can easily get to.
-Having some extra room in our budget.
-Making sure our insurance is up to date and adequate.
-Paying a little extra for factors like customer service.
-Paying for uninsured motorist insurance. (Might not make dollars sense but makes me feel better)

Money will not fix your problems. It is not a cure all. It sure can make things a lot stressful though. This accident will damage our finances a little but thanks to being in a good place our family will not really suffer.

Remember folks: Never drink and drive.


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