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I love to shop online. I can sit there on my phone for hours, fill a cart up, and feel oh so good. Then like most people, I wait excitedly for the package to arrive. Once it's here, well half the stuff does not work or is not what I thought it was going to be. Most the time I usually don't end up returning what we don’t want or need. It's a horrible cycle that I just had to break myself free from.

Well hold the phone! Until now I was stuck in the online shopping rut. I have found a solution for my online browsing and shopping rush. It’s called, FREE in “my town”.

People post all sorts of things that they no longer need or want on this Facebook page for free. Then people respond if they would like the item. Next, the winner goes and picks it up from the givers porch. You never have to talk or see to the person and the person giving the stuff away just has to set it outside.

So far I have got, kids golf clubs, stride rite toddler bike, cowboy costume, stuffed animal pet storage shelf and two winter sleds. Bro has gotten two bags of clothing for his kids and a girls sleeping bag for the cabin.

This is just a win-win situation for everyone. The people that are cleaning house can just set it outside and the person getting the item gets it for free. It is a great way to support your community and I get a kick by commenting on items. It’s a rush when you are picked for an item and get to go pick it up!

Check out your community Facebook page and see if you have a similar group. It’s about living a smarter life, not a one of depravation. You never know what sort of fun and exciting things you may find!


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