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Using Our Insurance - Bro

It all started with a red light. My wife was stopped at a red left turn arrow when all of the sudden crunch! The truck behind my wife was stuck by a car going 45 MPH (remember the light is red). Like a game of pinball the truck behind my wife was pushed into her. Our rear bumper was damaged, the tailgate was mushed, and the rear windshield was broken (but thankfully nobody was hurt). This was just the start of the fun.

When all was said and done the driver that caused this whole mess was arrested for suspected drunk driving. Who was at fault was very clear. The problem is the drunk driver was driving someone else’s car. Due to this small detail there is a very good chance she will not be covered by insurance (still pending). All the sudden something that should have been no big deal for our family has become a real pain.
You can never protect yourself from everything but here are a few factors that make this accident a little bit less stressful for my family. -Having a generous emerg…

Free On Facebook - Sis

I love to shop online. I can sit there on my phone for hours, fill a cart up, and feel oh so good. Then like most people, I wait excitedly for the package to arrive. Once it's here, well half the stuff does not work or is not what I thought it was going to be. Most the time I usually don't end up returning what we don’t want or need. It's a horrible cycle that I just had to break myself free from.

Well hold the phone! Until now I was stuck in the online shopping rut. I have found a solution for my online browsing and shopping rush. It’s called, FREE in “my town”.
People post all sorts of things that they no longer need or want on this Facebook page for free. Then people respond if they would like the item. Next, the winner goes and picks it up from the givers porch. You never have to talk or see to the person and the person giving the stuff away just has to set it outside.
So far I have got, kids golf clubs, stride rite toddler bike, cowboy costume, stuffed animal pet sto…

Why I FI - Bro

My wife and I were out with some friends when the topic of FIRE came up. We are open with these friends and we informed them that we hope to be FI in 5 years or less. You could almost see their minds blow. They simply could not wrap their head around the fact it was possible much less why you would want to be FI. (It did not help matters that I referred to it as retiring early instead of financially independent)

After this conversation it got me thinking about why I want to be FI. The first and foremost reason for FI is the security. My job is our family’s only source of income. If for some reason I lose my job then my family needs something they can fall back on. As our investments grow they become the equivalent of someone working full time at Colorado’s minimum wage*. Instead of being a one income family we are now a two income family with the second income is continually growing.
The second reason for FI is optionality. Having a large amount of savings simply allows us to make ch…

Thermometer VS Thermostat - Sis

A thermometer measures or reflects what the current temperature is. It has one sole purpose, and that is to report what the temperature is. It does not affect its surroundings, it just reports back data. A thermostat regulates the environment. It works actively to regulate the temperature in a set area. It is able to monitor and react to the readings accordingly.

Which are you when it comes to your finances?
A thermometer household is one that simply reads its surroundings. This family spends money on things they think are essential mindlessly. They keep up with the neighbors and shop at the big box stores. They are influenced by media ads and others influences in the environment. Most of society's households are thermometers.
A thermostat household regulates the environment. They will collect data and adjust finances accordingly. They will remove unnecessary spendings and strategize ways to save even more. These households are not only reactive, but proactive as well.
How do we …