Use It Up - Bro

I get joy when I am able to use something up completely. I am not talking about getting the last little bit of toothpaste out of the tube. I am talking about wearing a pair of jeans until they turn into nothing but tatters. Loving an object until it has totally and completely served its purpose is divine.

I don't buy cheap stuff. It makes me angry when I buy a new toy and it falls apart after my kids have played with it for an hour. That is just a waste. Quality is important. If something is well built it is a pleasure to use. If things are not built well it is a waste. Nothing is better than falling in love with an object and knowing it stand up to long use.

Using quality things is all the more important when traveling. When packing I only have limited space. The things I bring with me need to be durable and be able to be used over and over. I have a pair of travel pants (aka not jeans) that I probably have worn for the equivalent a year straight. They are showing signs of wear but they still work. Eventually I will need to get rid of them but at that point I will know I have gotten my money’s worth. My suitcase has been on dozen of tips, is dirty and broken, but still works. My favorite socks have run for miles and are still holding up. My careful selection of quality items has take good care of me on my travels.

Another area where we use things up is in our kitchen. We are not the kind of people who are getting the latest kitchen gadget (but I do love our new pressure cooker). Our set of kitchen knives are from when my wife went to college. As part of using the knives up we purchased a knife sharpener. After a few swipes of the sharpener our knives feel brand new. By caring for our knives we are able to make them last longer and bring us more joy as we use them.

Cars are an area where it is very important to not get caught up constantly upgrading. If a car is properly maintained it will last for 20 years or more. Add to that a slight aversion to driving due to being frugal and our cars (both bought new) will easily last a very long time. I will not beat a dead horse but cars are a huge waste of money and anything you can do to maximize them has a large impact on your wallet. By carefully selecting a quality car and then maintaining it we can maximize our utility.

Objects are not an end game but finding something that does it’s job well can be a joy. By seeking quality and being very selective with our purchases we can squeeze more joy out of life. Take the time to understand what you need and then buy quality.


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