Parenting Reflection - Sis

I recently gave birth to my second son. Like most birthing stories, he came on his own terms, completely different then his brother who was a planned c-section. Since he has came in the world things have been a little different. This time around, being our second son, we adjusted faster and better. Luckily, I have had little concern for finances though. I have not listened to my usual podcast or written my weekly blog post. It just has not been a priority of mine. I have thought a lot about my wishes for my sons and the type of parent I want to be. What do I want to be important in my household? Who do I want them to become? What can I do to be the best parent as possible? I am sure every parent would like to know the answer to all these questions because I sure would but in this time of sleepless nights and two year old filled days there are some things I do know.

The first thing that comes to mind when dealing with my sons and our family finances is my ability to stay home with the kids on a day to day basis. I would not have it any other way but the truth is sometimes I question this. I wonder if my two year old would enjoy the other kids at daycare. I wonder if he would benefit from a more structured educational routine. I even wonder if I would feel more fulfilled if I were working. It's just amazing to watch him grow and to be available for them. It’s about committing fully to my family life and the household. My wish is that my boys feel loved. As they discover the world I want them to know that this house is a safe place. I get to raise my sons with the gift of love, attention and discovery.

I want my boys to not let money control them. I don’t want them to spent a lifetime trying to get as much as they can and I don’t want them to feel like they they never have enough. I want them to see money as a tool, just another part of life. I want them to be independent financially. I am not sure how to teach them these skills other than by showing these thing are possible. I want to educate my boys and be as open about our finances. I never want to spend a day worrying about our financial state when I could be focused on their needs, passions, and desires.

I want them to care. I don’t care what they care about, as long as it's something important to them. Maybe they will care about their job. They can find something they love doing and are really good at. Or they will find a hobby that means something, helping someone in even the smallest way. I hope they will care about their family, and be proud of the person they have became. Then in the end, I will care because they care. So as they grow up, I will care about what they care about. My two year old cares deeply about cars right now, so I care about cares now too. I want to be a parent that cares.

I want my sons to have a perfect childhood and with this I know that life can’t be perfect for them. They will have to have struggles to overcomes and goals they are going to have to work hard for. One thing I know for sure is that I will be there for them and whatever comes our way. We'll always have each other. I must live my story to be able to provide them with theirs. Today I will live in the present and attacking every situation in my life the best I can. I will try to truly living by example for my boys.


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