Can You See Me Now: Decreased Cost Eyeglasses - Sis

I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was in the 5th grade. I did a stint with contacts while in college but they were always uncomfortable for me. None the less a lot of money has gone into glasses. My brother, yes thee Bro, helped lighten the financial load.

He showed me the website:

This post is as simple as that! It’s a discount prescription eyeglass site. The glasses are good quality but if you dog eats them, it’s only a $6 dog treat not $500. I have been wearing these glasses for 10 years now and LOVE them. I can have 5 pairs to choose from and not feel guilty.
-It can take around two weeks to receive the glasses.
-They offer kids glasses as well!
-Bro’s wife has got prescription sunglasses before, she was really happy with them. You just have to pay extra for the tinted lenses. You can also pay extra for anti-glare and various other extras.

This is not a paid post or am I a representative. Just like the product.


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