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Use It Up - Bro

I get joy when I am able to use something up completely. I am not talking about getting the last little bit of toothpaste out of the tube. I am talking about wearing a pair of jeans until they turn into nothing but tatters. Loving an object until it has totally and completely served its purpose is divine.
I don't buy cheap stuff. It makes me angry when I buy a new toy and it falls apart after my kids have played with it for an hour. That is just a waste. Quality is important. If something is well built it is a pleasure to use. If things are not built well it is a waste. Nothing is better than falling in love with an object and knowing it stand up to long use.
Using quality things is all the more important when traveling. When packing I only have limited space. The things I bring with me need to be durable and be able to be used over and over. I have a pair of travel pants (aka not jeans) that I probably have worn for the equivalent a year straight. They are showing signs of wear …

Parenting Reflection - Sis

I recently gave birth to my second son. Like most birthing stories, he came on his own terms, completely different then his brother who was a planned c-section. Since he has came in the world things have been a little different. This time around, being our second son, we adjusted faster and better. Luckily, I have had little concern for finances though. I have not listened to my usual podcast or written my weekly blog post. It just has not been a priority of mine. I have thought a lot about my wishes for my sons and the type of parent I want to be. What do I want to be important in my household? Who do I want them to become? What can I do to be the best parent as possible? I am sure every parent would like to know the answer to all these questions because I sure would but in this time of sleepless nights and two year old filled days there are some things I do know.
The first thing that comes to mind when dealing with my sons and our family finances is my ability to stay home with the …

Library Story Time - Sis

My son and I love going to the library for story time. It is Monday- Friday for 45 min each morning at our local library. It also has open playtime for about 45 min after for socialization.

My son enjoys interacting with all the other children. He is learning to sit and listen by mimicking the older children. He is learning songs and playing games. All for free. How could you ask for more?

I have started to talk to other moms. I am naturally shy but seeing similar faces the past few months has made me more comfortable. So basically it’s a win, win for the both of us.

We recently took a 8 hour road trip to Mimi’s house. The library has age appropriate learning iPads you can rent for 3 week! My son loved playing with it the car and I did not have to worry he as clicking on things he was not suppose to.

Our library also has a recording studio you can book time in and plenty of various sized meeting rooms. I am sure there are even more things I myself don’t even know about.

It is amazing…

Can You See Me Now: Decreased Cost Eyeglasses - Sis

I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was in the 5th grade. I did a stint with contacts while in college but they were always uncomfortable for me. None the less a lot of money has gone into glasses. My brother, yes thee Bro, helped lighten the financial load.

He showed me the website:
This post is as simple as that! It’s a discount prescription eyeglass site. The glasses are good quality but if you dog eats them, it’s only a $6 dog treat not $500. I have been wearing these glasses for 10 years now and LOVE them. I can have 5 pairs to choose from and not feel guilty. Facts:
-It can take around two weeks to receive the glasses.
-They offer kids glasses as well!
-Bro’s wife has got prescription sunglasses before, she was really happy with them. You just have to pay extra for the tinted lenses. You can also pay extra for anti-glare and various other extras.

This is not a paid post or am I a representative. Just like the product.