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I believe in financial health. It is not necessary to save 50% of your income but it is important to have some form of an emergency fund, some investments for retirement, and an understanding of your financial picture. Taking this one step further it is important to help those who may not be as healthy. I have helped my grandma with her finances, got my sister started in investing, and I am in the process of helping my brother in law as well. I do not see my brother in law pursuing FIre but there is no reason why he cannot improve his finances.

I believe in more than money. It is easy to over optimize (as previously discussed). If you hit the big ticket items then skipping the cup of coffee will get you to FIRE sooner but at some point it is just not worth the trade off. It has been discussed how a dollar saved now is worth lots more if invested and allowed to grow for 30 years. This is true ( and powerful) but at some point I just don't care.

I believe in Ohana (family). I am a major hypocrite when it comes to my family. I will always be there for my sister and her family. I do not always get along with my in-laws but when push comes to shove I will do what needs to be done to take care of them. My mom and I have always been close even when things were a bit rough (when we were younger). My brother in law and I are very different but that does not stop me from making a special trip across town to have lunch (and financial powwow). My Achilles heel when it comes to family is my biological father. I have tried to make the effort in the past but at this point I am over it. He burned the bridge in the end but I was more than happy to pour gas on the flame. Good ridden.

I believe in marriage. I love my wife very much. When I said “in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer” I meant it. That being said my wife and I have had some major (to us) up and downs recently. Despite that (or maybe because of that) I still very much in love with her. Marriage has not always been sunshine and butterflies for me. It has been messy, exhausting, and just plain work but that is how I know it is real. In the end it is my wife and I against the world.

I believe in pulling the goalie. To me this is shorthand for doing what is right (or optimal) versus what is traditional. FIRE is one facet of that. Another example of that is I will punish my kids (put them in time out) even if we are out in public or at a birthday party. I am not honest to the point of being radical but I certainly push the bounds of social conventions. It is better to call a spade a spade than try to dance around the truth. I am convinced by Nassim Taleb’s points on climate change and because of that feel an obligation to do something about it.

Let me know what you believe.


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