Finances Take A Sick Day - Sis

Listen, the struggle is real. I am 37 weeks pregnant with a sick two year old. Oh wait lets up that anti, I also am sick! Last thing I want to do is think about is money. I want to curl into a ball and go back to bed, but it is times like these you trust the systems you have put into place.

If warm soup or name brand kids medications are what sounds good this week, then you are darn certain I am going to buy it. That is what a budget is for. Some days you will go over and other days you will go under. It is all about balance. My family uses the app Mint to track our monthly budget. This helps me know where I am standing at all times. If I need to spend more one week to make my family more comfortable then I can do so without reservations. Later we can balance out the cost or just think of it as sunken, either way, I value my families comfort more than a budget.

Luckily we have not had to go to the doctor or hospital yet. In the case that we would have to I would not have to worry about the financial consequences. We have a health savings account and emergency funds that we could use if needed. That is what you prepare for. In times of need, the last thing you want to do is have money on your mind.

We also have strong support systems. Relationships are not easy. They take work and commitment. It is in times of need when you want to lean the hardest on those you love. Having family come over to help with my two year old made all the difference in the world. Having family 3 minutes down the road in the case of an emergency takes pressure off the situation. This also can remove unseen financial cost like emergency babysitters or Uber rides. Relationships take work but one can reap many benefits, financial and otherwise.

I think my fever is coming back so off to take some more medications. Remember, you don’t need to make money and financial choices all day everyday. Even you deserve a sick day from finances. Have strong systems in place that will do the work for you and trust things will keep moving along without you for a few days.


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