Happiness: Pleasure, Engagement And Meaning - Sis

Martin Seligman, a pioneer in the field of positive psychologist breaks happiness down to three areas, pleasure, engagement and meaning.

Pleasure. What brings pleasure into your life? Searching for thing that bring you happiness is important. I find more pleasure in making a fort at home, popping some homemade popcorn and cuddling with a favorite blanket to watch a movie way more pleasurable than going to the theater. Convenience has gotten in the way of experiences. Taking a nice long bike ride in the spring sun brings us more happiness then another mindless TV show. Sometimes we have to force ourselves out of routine or convenience to find happiness. What gives you pleasure throughout the day?

Engagement. I am a mother. Everyday I am engaged with my son, learning life through his eyes. Colors, shapes, sounds, they are all new and exciting. This brings me happiness. Being in the moment and engaged in his life are very important to me. This is one of the reasons it is important for me to stay at home with him. My husband is engaged at his job. He is productive and an important part of his team. This bring him happiness. Sure, there are other places he would rather be. The fact he is engaged and challenged daily he is able to find balance and happiness at his job. Ask yourself, are you engaged in life, work and personal relationships?

Meaning. What is your meaning of happiness? This is a hard question to even google. I think meaning connected to happiness is being needed. Being needed by my family is very important. It brings me happiness being able to cook for them at night instead of purchasing a meal. It brings bro happiness to be able to hear about the ideas his 5 year old has to change the world as her eyes light up. This connection and relationship does not cost money. It cannot be purchased or forced. Truly being needed by another takes work and vulnerability. What in your life brings you meaning?

Money is not going to buy you happiness. Money will make life easier and remove stresses that can take away from happiness but you are truly responsible in creating your own happiness. Think about the things that give you pleasure, that keep you engaged, and provide you meaning. Once you find these answers, create a comfortable life not a life of depravation. Then remove things that do not fall into these categories. You will no longer be making financial sacrifices but removing unnecessary roadblocks that might be in your way.


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