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We all wish we would have started saving when we were 16 years old, that you maxed out your 401K right away, or did not buy that new car. We are on this crazy journey called life and we all make choices, this is a fact we need to face. Sometimes when you are reflecting back you wish you made different choices or have regret. We can’t live in the past and try to fix our errors but what good will that do anyways? Yes, we should learn from our mistakes so we don’t make them again, but we also need to forgive ourselves and looks towards our future.

In the book, You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero the author goes over 9 steps to “winning yourself over again”, or self forgiveness. These steps can be applied to one's financial life as well.

1)Appreciated how special you are

This is your journey, be proud of it. No one person has the same story as you. Whether you make minimum wage or a six figure salary you are the spender of each paycheck. There are so many financial blogs and books out there that prove that everyone’s journey is special and unique. Be proud of your story.

2)Positive thinking, rewiring your brain

Have you ever heard someone say they got out of the wrong side of the bed? You can ruin your whole day with one string of thoughts first thing in the morning. Negative thoughts never did anyone any good. You may need to rewire your brain. The power of positive thoughts is remarkable. Instead of living in a mind self of deprivation change your thoughts to abundance. Think of all the things you do have not about the things you don’t.

3)Do things you love and love what you do

Why waste your time and energy on things you dislike or hate? Find a job, hobbies and lifestyle that brings you joy. Then everything else, including money will fall into place.

4)Find a replacement, take action

Start paying attention to things that you are unhappy with. You don’t like your retirement accounts? Don’t like your grocery budget? Well then start paying attention to what your doing and then make positive changes.

5)Ditch self deprecating humor and self pity

It gets really old hearing about how horrible someone thinks they are. Stop the, I sucks, I am not good enoughs and I don’t have enough money. Those thoughts become reality and have never did anyone any good.

6)Let the love in, welcome positive

Let your life be filled with abundance. Receive positive gifts into your life graciously. There is nothing wrong with being happy with who your are and the life you have create.

7) Don’t compare to others

It never did anyone any good to compare. Just don’t go there. You can seek advice from the experienced but you have your own journey to create. Don’t compare, just don’t.

8) Forgive yourself,

I am sure you have messed up in the past and I am sure you will mess up again. Get over the guilt and learn the lesson that needs to be learned. Shame is nothing but destructive.

9) Love yourself, Be proud of the life you have created

Love yourself. It can be said over and over again. Love your journey and love the future you are creating for yourself. If you don’t then change something.

Don’t let your financial past dictate your financial future. You are the only one that can decide to change things. You have the power to maximize the tools out there provided for you and if there is something you are lacking, well go out there a create it. Enjoy your journey each step of the way. Learn from the past and prepare for the future but most of all live in the present.

“Forgive yourself for not having the foresight to know what now seems so obvious in hindsight” Judy Belmont


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