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Listen, I got some swag going on. My brother showed me this little site called There are several things you can do on the site to earn “SB”. It took me a little while to get over the fact you are making, 2 SB or even 1 SB at a time. Seriously you think, I could probably walk on the street and find dropped change quicker than that, but I promise, if you look at the bigger picture then you can do some real damage. So I break it down in my head like this. The first $25 gift card of the month cost 2200 SB. Then $25 x 12 months, that’s $300. To me that’s a lot of stuff. I get gift cards to Amazon so I can basically get anything.

The first thing you can do is surveys. These usually take 10-20 minutes. They are about anything and everything. I have done some of baby products and others on banks. The problem is it can take some time to find a survey you qualify for. This drives my husband crazy because he never seems to qualify for any. But with persistence I tend to always find something. You usually get around 40-80 SB depending on the survey. I actually did a survey once about country music on the radio. I was about 2 hours long and I listened to 300 clips of country songs and said if I still liked them. I was actually really fun! I ended up getting $30! It took about 8 weeks to receive the money. I thought it was too good to be true and actually forgot about it, but sure enough I got the money.

The next thing you can do is a daily checklist. This actually opens the door to other ways to earn SB. This is on your homepage on the drop down menu. You get extra SB if you complete everything on your list. It is pretty self directing. I don’t always finish my daily checklist, but it is a good place to start when learning about the website.

I have never signed up for another site or purchased something through a link. My brother is a little more comfortable with these things. I like to just stick with the activities that are free or don’t require personal information. If you mess around the site enough there is always something you can do to earn SB.

The last thing is the daily goal. It is usually around 85-130 SB. If you earn that amount in a day on anything then you get a bonus. It is usually around 3-15 SB. Then those bonuses are add up and you get the total at the start of each month! It’s usually between 200-300SB. I like the daily goal because I use it as that, a daily goal. I mess around on the website, try to qualify for surveys and any of the various other things until I reach my daily goal. Now I don’t hit this daily because it gets larger everyday you complete it and let’s be honest some days we are just too busy.

As of April 2018 I have earned $344.25 all to Amazon. It has been a fun daily activity that has replaced or decreased my mindless social media stalking or pinterest dreaming.

*The Swagbucks link is a referral link. It will not impact your earnings in any way.


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