Why I Don’t Plan On Becoming A Extreme Couponer - Sis

As a mother I tend to do most of the grocery shopping. This is one of our families largest expenses. It’s always a balance between buying quality ingredients and affordable products. But I also feel like that there is a crazy world of extreme couponing that us moms have to deal with. Everyone wants to see their bill go from $100 to $15. I have googled more then once how to start the process. Everytime it never seems to click, or I just can’t figure it out. Kimberly Palmer, the author of the book, Smart Mom Rich Mom, How to Build Wealth While raising a Family, explains perfectly how I feel was about couponing, “we have to break out of this restrictive couponing mind-set and think bigger- much bigger. Think about how to be a skilled shopper every day and not just a discount chaser on the weekends. Think about negotiating ongoing bills and monthly expenses, instead of getting distracted by one time purchases that aren’t that expensive anyways.” This just hit home to me, like many things in life, there is a bigger picture!!

It is my job as an adult member of this family to contribute to our financial success. The pressure we get as parents in every area can be exhausting. Couponing is just another way for corporate America to promote their products. It takes you back to the mainstream again. There are other, smarter ways to spend your time.

As it has been said many times over again, it’s a marathon not a sprint. As a family we try to buy store brand household items where the cost stays consistent. We try not to waste products and get the full use out of them. This has become part of our family routine. Trying to do product searches for coupons or even worse buying things just because you have the coupon will not save you enough in the end. Lifestyle changes are what is going to make the difference in our family.

I am sure extreme couponing has helped a lot of families. I am just not one of them. It brings me no joy and I feel like my time can be used in better was to help my family financially.


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