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FU vs FEveryone Money - Bro

The concept of FU* money is nothing new. The general idea is that you have enough money that you can tell someone (like a co-worker, boss, or bosses boss) FU and still be okay financially. Recently I stumbled across the concept of FEveryone money. FU money and FEveryone money might sound similar but the magnitude is different. FEveryone money is FU money taken to the next level.
FU money is almost the same thing as an emergency fund. In a way it is an emergency fund on steroids. This money gives you room to speak your mind. If for some reason you need to quit your job FU money allows you to say “FU”. Eventually you will need to figure something out but you have the breathing room to figure things out. As your FU money grows the number of options you have grows. Starting out you might need to find a similar job a few months after saying FU. As your FU powers grow you might need to still get a similar job but a year or two after saying FU. Eventually your FU cushion might grow to the po…

Why I Don’t Plan On Becoming A Extreme Couponer - Sis

As a mother I tend to do most of the grocery shopping. This is one of our families largest expenses. It’s always a balance between buying quality ingredients and affordable products. But I also feel like that there is a crazy world of extreme couponing that us moms have to deal with. Everyone wants to see their bill go from $100 to $15. I have googled more then once how to start the process. Everytime it never seems to click, or I just can’t figure it out. Kimberly Palmer, the author of the book, Smart Mom Rich Mom, How to Build Wealth While raising a Family, explains perfectly how I feel was about couponing, “we have to break out of this restrictive couponing mind-set and think bigger- much bigger. Think about how to be a skilled shopper every day and not just a discount chaser on the weekends. Think about negotiating ongoing bills and monthly expenses, instead of getting distracted by one time purchases that aren’t that expensive anyways.” This just hit home to me, like many thin…

Offline Mode - Bro

There are many times that the internet is not available on your phone. This could be because you are on an airplane, cruise boat, in the mountains, or simply trying to save money by conserving your data. This does not mean that you have to lose out on your news, music, or movies. I use a few select apps to fill the internet void.

Music: Google Play Music (Free) - Google gives you the option to upload your whole music library to “the cloud”. You can then stream or “cache” your music. This allows you to create and download playlists and select cds to your phone or tablet.

Stitcher (Free) - Stitcher is an app that collects all of your favorite podcasts into one place. You can create “stations” which can be downloaded for offline listening. The free version of this app is supported by advertisements in between podcasts.

Spotify ($15/month) - This is a streaming service I have recently switched to. We purchased a family plan for $15 per month (split between a few family members). For this pric…

Sacrifices VS Distractions - Sis

“I done made sacrifices, so many sacrifices I done gave up so much free time knowing time ain’t free” Sacrifices Big Sean ft Migos
Sacrifices can be linked all the way back to the biblical era when families would offer or sacrifice an animal as a religious practices. Sacrifices are a loss or something you give up to achieve another goal. Big Sean describes sacrifices he has made in his hip hop song quoted above while achieving a successful career. It is clear that we all make sacrifices and most likely, they are also a part of your financial journey.
Distractions are anything that takes your attention away from giving your full self into a task. Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, at least I remember the song going like that, looking for trade a trade route to India. Quoted below he talks about prevailing over all obstacles to arrive at his goal. We all have distractions in our lives that can set us back on our financial journey.
“By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, …