Stock Gift Giving Experiment Part 2 - Sis

As promised I would like update you on the experiment my husband and I tried this year. See part 1 for the background. First, we decided to open a Robinhood account for our trades. Since we were only buying a few shares of stocks it did not make sense to pay $7.99, ect. per trade. If at some point we want to grow our portfolio more, we can pay $75 to transfer all our stocks to a different company. My husband got me a share of Jack Daniels Whiskey, (BF. B, $68.78) and a share of Coca- Cola, (COKE, $216.83). That is my drink! Isn’t he so creative. I currently am pregnant so I can’t drink right now, but this is almost better. I got my husband a share of, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ, $140.56). Like I said, we have baby number two on the way. He is going to be buying a lot of baby products in the near future. At least this way he will feel like he is supporting his portfolio each purchase! Bonus- My husband decided to ask his parents for a share of Berkshire Hathaway B (BRK.B, $199.56) for Christmas. They are an Omaha family so the company means alot to them. They also go to the yearly meeting. My husband are going to join them this year and will be able to say we are shareholders. Hey, all it takes as one. We might be starting small but at least we are starting. We are very excited to see our portfolio grow and continue giving stock as gifts. *All stock prices are as of closing December 28th, 2017. Brown-Forman Corp., BF.B Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, COKE Johnson & Johnson, JNJ Berkshire Hathaway B, BRK.B


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