Stock Gift Giving Experiment Part 1 - Sis

Ok- give me a second of your reading time. Hang in there and hear me out. This is going to be a pending post. My husband and I are going to try out a new twist on gift giving. For Christmas this year we are going to give each other stock.

My husband does not want to get into individual stocks. It's a risky play that takes a lot of work to win. But I think it’s exciting. I love looking at the daily ups and downs. When you're not risking your retirement, you can almost make it a game.

I am not a patient person. If i want something, I buy it. Same thing with my husband. So gift giving has always been hard for us.  Most likely if I want something bad or long enough, well I already have it. Also we both have very generous parents so by the time they give us gifts, we have everything we wanted.

The solution we came up with is,  buying each other stock for gifts. Just wait, if we stick with this five years from now we might have a good collection of stocks. Plus, I like to look at the market. I enjoy tracking it daily and if I have a little piece of the pie it will be all the more fun to track.

We both agreed that for now, we are going to have a very small portfolio. Only what we have got each other in gifts, and see where it grows from there. For example, I want a purse that cost $300 for Christmas. Well instead of the purse, this year I will get 7 shares of Coach, CHO, which is currently valued at 39.90.

Wish us luck and I’ll keep you posted!!


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