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My brother introduced me to the blog ESI, or Earn-Save- Investing. It is one of the many fantastic blogs out there right now that can be a great tool. In my brothers previous post, he talked about how those three areas affected his life. I am going to explore some actionable tips in each category.

-Salary negotiation. When starting a new job it is crucial that you negotiate your salary. This will be one of the only opportunities you have to bump your pay by 5-10K.

-Always be open to new opportunities. Have an updated resume at all times. Always hear someone out before saying no.  

-Keep track of the extras you do or times you go above and beyond. Proof can go a long ways.

-Online shopping. Look for the best deal, compare multiple sites and time your purchase to your advantage.

-Buying in bulk. Find a good sale? Well take advantage of it. Get a few of those items you use all the time.

-Cutting out name brands. When at the store get the general brand cereal. It is all the same to my family and even if it taste a little different, you will get use to it.

*All the below tips are related to a total market index fund.

-Set a plausible investing goal. Ours in $200 each paycheck which is every two weeks. Do whatever fits into your budget. Anything is going to make an impact.

-Compound your dividends.

-Don’t be afraid of the market. Be prepared for a drop but also know what you put in your fund is meant to sit there for years, like over 10 years.

These are just some quick down to the point actionable tips when it comes to Earn-Save- Investing. I encourage you to visit his blog for more great articles. Thanks ESI!


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