Diversify In A Colorful Way - Sis

My husband works very hard. I had said this several times. He has a lot of pressure on him seeing that I don’t work, and we have been through a layoff. That is why I feel like it is my job to try and save where I can and be ready to work if I need to.

I am nurse. It is very easy to find a job. Especially since I have critical care hospital and management experience. Being that I don't work now it is important that I maintain my license and certifications. This might cost money up front but in the end it is worth the safety blanket. I also keep an updated resume in case an opportunity were to fall into my lap.

My daily duty is food. Three meals a day. Breakfast when the baby wakes up. Lunch for my husband to take to work because if he buys there is $12 out the door. Then dinner for everyone. This takes serious brain power and is never ending. Everyday they need to eat. They say food is one of the largest parts of a budget. So with smart grocery shopping and meal planning you can diversify your savings.

I also have a Swagbucks account. My goal is a $25 Amazon gift card a month. I don’t use that money for anything in particular but it is nice to have. Some months I’ll buy a shirt for myself and others I’ll use it for diapers. It adds up. If you get $25 a month that is $300 year. That’s a pretty large chunk if you ask me.

I don’t buy new toys or clothes for my son. It is amazing the cost of that stuff. My brother actually has a son that is 2 years older then my son. By the time my brother’s son grows out of it, well my son fits. It is the same with toys. So instead of having the latest fashions or brand new toys we are thankful for our hand me downs. You can be darn sure that we are saving everything as well for future kids.  

I love leggings. You can blame my sister in law. I would just have a room full of the stuff if I could. I have found that since it is a direct sales company a lot of people sell their inventory on Ebay. I can find items that are normally $35 for $7. It takes patients and a lot of time but when you find that deal it feels oh so good. I try to limit myself still but it’s just so fun.

This may not be the traditional way of looking at how to diversify but each of these little steps I take help our family move towards financial independence.  A daily commitment to my family and our success is how I can diversify.


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