What you already have is enough - Sis

It is import to be thankful for what you already have. People get caught up in wanting more and more. When starting to live a frugal life the first thing I had to do is be thankful for what I already had. I have a fantastic husband, healthy child and strong family support system. Those things cannot be bought with any amount of money.

Being thankful for those things does not always mean it is easy to be happy with what I have. For example my master bathroom is very outdated. I mean it is just yelling for an update. This was one of the first things I wanted to do when moving into our new home. It did not matter that it was triple the size of my old bathroom. I wanted to drop $15K and get myself a brand new shiny bathroom, but was this what was best for my family? Would this be the smartest use of our money? We all know the answer is no. We have been in the house now for about 9 months and the bathroom has not changed. It was up to me to decide that it was enough. Instead of everyday walking in and thinking, “man I hate this place”, I walk in thinking, how lucky I am for this space and for a functioning master bathroom. In due time I think we will update the bathroom but right now it is not needed. The same goes with your clothes and your furniture. What I currently have is good enough for me and I don’t need more.

You want to reach the point that your current life is good enough. Maybe it is even too good and you can even simplify things a little. It is key in living a frugal life to be satisfied  and thankful for what you have. I am not saying you should live a life of deprivation. The ideal frugal life is figuring out what is important to you and forgetting all the things that are not.

Tip: Every morning wake up at think of two things you are grateful for before getting out of bed. This starts your day on a positive note. It’s all about you attitude sometimes. Choose to be happy and satisfied.


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