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I have been on the road a lot recently for work. While away I once wrote this to remind my wife and I what we are aiming for. I dont know if we'll ever get there but it gives us a direction to aim.

This particular story starts in the mountains. Not just any mountains but our mountains. The air of these mountains is clear and crisp. To look into the sky during the day is to see the most beautiful blue. To look into the sky during the night is to be lost in the infinity of the milky way. To stop and listen one would hear the gentle rustle of the wind brushing past the trees, the soft sound of water chattering, and the laughing frolicking sound of love.

The love in this place is like a mist. It seems to hang thick on everything and yet it is as light as air. One cannot help but be enveloped by the love. Just to be in its presence is a salve for even the most weary heart.

The source of this beautiful haze is a family. Not just any family either, but our family. Our family is the center of all that makes this place what it is. Your beautiful glow, my support and strength, our little girl’s care free attitude, and our little boys curiosity all combine to create what I hold dearest, our family.

This family is what the story is truly about. They live life simple but not deprived. The roof over their head is a small cabin. This cabin might be considered cozy by some standards but by other standards it is considered warm and inviting. Everyone has their own small place to call their own but truly their home is as large as their mountains. During the summer nights you can feel the gentle coolness of the air seep in through the open windows. During the winter a small fireplace provides a warm reassuring glow that will thaw even the coldest soul.

You might be wondering how this family spends it’s time. We shall start with the children. At the center of their day is learning and growth. The source of this learning and growth comes from many places. To start the list is school. Both children attend a normal school with other normal children. Their time there is spent both learning what is being taught by the teacher but also learning from their peers. Another source of learning is the occasional trips they take outside of their mountain home. These trips might be as trivial as visiting the big city and as grand as visiting the opposite side of the world. Family is always a source of learning and growth. In the evenings it is not uncommon for the mother or the father to take a child aside and pass on some small gem of wisdom. Another important source of growth and learning is the time they take on their own to explore, review, and create.

The mother spends her time nurturing. She starts by nurturing herself. This might come in the form of a warm bath or a warm hug. It might come from sleeping in or getting up early to watch the sun rise. In this mountain home she is always rested and and at ease. On the occasional day she might venture away from this paradise to nurture another as is her profession but most days she can be found nurturing her family. As is right, the most well equipped part of this cabin is her kitchen. It is both well stocked and accessible. In her kitchen she is queen. From it she can flutter and fly about to create not only nutrition but art, heart, and relaxation.

The father spends his time on no one task. He is like some kind of strange humming bird. One moment he might be tinkering on some small project with the children and another moment he might be reading a book, and yet another moment he may be found napping in a strange place. In the fathers own way he provides. From time to time he will venture out and solve other peoples problems but the true source of what the father provides is a bit more strange. In a past life he was a squirrel running from place to place collecting nuts so that when the time was right he could rest and simply live off his meager hoard.

I am glad my story is now told. In truth it is never truly told but merely started and shaped. As with any story in a marriage one side is never complete without the other. Only the tick of time will weave this story from our future into our past.


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