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Once you decided that what you have is good enough, you can move on to what you really needed. I ask myself, does this object bring me joy or add something to my life? The things that I could not find value in anymore ended up getting the boot. Why do I need a house full of stuff? My goal is to find value and appreciate every possession that my family owns.
I wear the same outfits every week. Seriously, I wear my favorite things over and over again. There are just certain things that are comfortable to me. Clearly, those are the items that stay. But if you have not worn something in a very long time then why do you even have it? More importantly, when purchasing new items, do you really need it? If you already have something similar then why are you getting it? Less is more. Most people don’t truly care or notice.

There is a challenge call, Project 333. The challenge is to dress for three months in 33 items only. This included jewelry, shoes, shirts, pants, shirts and everything else. The challenge was to wear a different combination every day and use what you have. It shows that you don’t need a much as you think.

Once you have decided you have enough it is time to get rid of all the things you don’t find value in. You have to get past the consumer mindset you have been in for most of your life.  Your goal is to never buy anything that you don’t truly need again!
Ask yourself:

1)What do you currently have that it will replace or what void will it be filling?
2)Walk away! If you are able to walk away and still want it you are already learning how to appreciate it. If you walk away and don’t miss it, well, then you are sure saving yourself from another object you don’t need. Sleep on it!
3) Ask someone close. I always talk to my husband. He keeps me grounded and kindly reminds to think before I buy.
4) Earn it! There are several sights you can earn gift cards for completing tasks. You will love it all the most with a little work.
5) Wait for a holiday. Loved ones always ask for gift ideas. Make it easy on them for once!
6) Buy it used. It's the same thing, only a little more loved. Search for the items you want. Sometimes you might not find the exact thing but something that is even better or good enough.
7) Can you rent or borrow it? Do you know someone that has that item already. Test runs never hurt.

Less can be more. It is time to be happy with what we have and find true value in the possessions we own.


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