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Let’s get straight to the point, Halloween can get expensive. Between getting the kids costumes and candy for the neighbors things add up quickly. But like everything else, there are ways to plan ahead and celebrate the frugal way.

What are your kids interest? This year my sister in law is dressing her daughter as her favorite book character, Fancy Nancy. She already has the clothes, now it’s just a matter of putting it all together. Homemade costumes are not only fun to wear, they are fun to put together. They will truly be a one of a kind! Get your child involved in the process too, have some fun. These are the things they will remember forever.  Total cost- $0.  

What was your child in the past? Their son is 3 years old and when asked what he wanted to be he responded Fireman. Well funny enough he was that last year. There is nothing wrong with using costumes from the past. You will even be able to compare how much he has changed over the past year! Try using dress up clothes or costumes from play as well. Total cost- $0

Do you have family or friends with something you could use? My son this year is going to be an elephant. This costume was used three years ago by my brother’s daughter. After their kids grew out of it they passed it down to us. Total cost- $0

Start thinking about next year! Did you go with a group of friends? Ask if they want to trade your costumes. Some families have younger children that would fit the costume perfectly in a year's time. Visit your local thrift shop a few weeks after when people have donated their used items. Go to the store November 1st and find something on extreme sale.  

Halloween is a fun family event. With a little planning and creativity it can also be affordable for everyone. It does not have to be a competition. It is about creativity and fun.  Make memories that will last your child a lifetime.



**Share what your kids are being for Halloween in the comments below! **


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