Candy - Bro

Candy is delicious. Chocolate, candy bars, Skittles, all of it is yummy. One bite and it brings a smile to your face. Two bites and it still makes you smile but not quite as wide. By the time you are done eating the bucket of candy you spent a night collecting the thought of something sweet makes you sick.

Watching my young kids eat candy on Halloween is humorous. They know if they eat too much candy they get sick but none the less they end up eating so much they turn green. As kids get older some of them get wiser and spread the candy out and some kids still just scarf the candy until they get sick. Adults are no different. Some people are able to stop at one pair of leggings (I have no idea why I use leggings as my example…. wife) and some people can't help but buy a new pair of leggings every week. Buying too much of a good thing is no different than eating too much candy. It can make you sick.

There are a few things you can do to avoid making yourself sick.

1) Have less candy in the bucket (invest your money before it hits your checking account)
2) Ration your candy. (Set up a budget)
3) Eat your candy slowly (Use what you have before you get something new)
4) Share your candy (Donating your money wisely will make you appreciate it more)
5) Eat healthy food instead (Do something that does not require money like a family walk)

I wish everyone a happy, safe, and moderate Halloween.


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