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I am a stay at home mom in pursuit of financial independence.

Everyday I have to fight for my family. I get to be with my son. Watch him grow and learn. I get to keep my household running. I still have pressures, worries and doubts. Some days I feel weak. I want to financially take some pressure off my husband. Other days I see the boy my son is becoming and I know our family has made the right choice.

But in the end, I am a stay at home mom with a family pursuing financial independence. I am a mom what wants to see my family succeed. I will fight for that. In fact I am fighting for it everyday.

Below is my resume. My job is a Stay at Home Mom.


This resume is to state why I would be a good fit for the job of Stay At Home Mom. I believe my skill set will be adequate and I would prove to be a vital asset.


Childbirth                                                                                November 2015-July 2016

I was able to successfully carry my child for 9 months and then safely help him enter into the world.

House Cleaner                                                                      March 2010- Present

I am able to maintain a clean well ran house. My skills include but are not limited to dishes, vacuuming, and laundry. I also have a specialty of cleaning up after a dog and little boy.

Personal shopper                                                                  July 2015- Present

I can successfully obtain various items upon request. This includes but is not limited to food, clothing and needed household items. I am also committed to finding good deals and coupon cutting.

Personal chef August 2008-Present

I am able to put dinner on the table every night. I am great at repurposing leftovers and packing lunches. My skill set continues to grow and I explore new recipes and seasonal items frequently.


College                                                                                 August 2008- May 2012

I have completed a nursing degree with a minor in studio arts. The skill I gained in college will prove vital to this job. I have experience with committing to a degree and solving any problems that may arise.

On the job training                                                               July 2016- present

As a current mother I am able to say that I am always on the job. I am always learning and growing together with my child. I am good at trial and error but will solve any issue.


Research and Problem solving

I have researched many rashes and growth stages. I have also learned the skill of screening online information as needed.

Time Management and Organization
I have learned the power of getting out of the house at a reasonable time or at least planning on it always taking longer than expected.

Communication and Collaboration
I have learned how to communicate with a 10 month old to a tired daddy. I have also collaborated with the two of them.

Teaching and Supervising
I have successfully taught my son several important skills. Also he has learned many things on his own. Supporting him and helping him along the way has been very important.

Love and Nurture

My number one skill is the ability to love my child. I can grantee that he will be loved daily. He will be taught fun and exciting new things and grow into a fine young man. I will also discipline him and teach him manners. He will get to experience the world and take on challenges head first with love and support.


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