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In a perfect world do I want the largest diamond paper holder to hold down my gold all day? Why yes please, but I hear you men, there has to be a better way. What do women really want? Well, I can’t speak for America, but I can tell you a few ideas that would work perfectly with a frugal lifestyle.
  1. What does your loved one do daily?
    1. Yes, every family is different, I get that. So does your loved one cook dinner every night or clean up on a regular basis? Well there you go. Do that simple task for them. Man, when my husband cooks dinner and I get to just sit back and watch, it is such a gift. You were going to spend the money on the food anyways, so why don’t you take charge and make it your treat.
  2. Homemade goodies
    1. I know, sounds cheesy, but they never get old. If you have a child, have the kid make the mom a card. What proud mother would not be over the moon for something handmade and the fact you sat down and spent time with the children is icing on the cake.
    2. No kids, or too young, no problem. I love when my husband writes out a card. He takes the time to put his feeling down on paper. Ya, I know it sounds cheesy men out there but it is FREE, and women really like to hear they are beautiful and you love them
  3. Rub my feet, back or….. hands  
    1. Hey, I am a women. Stop reading here brother...  treat your lady to some attention. We all want to feel beautiful. Hold my hand, rub my shoulders. Tell me I look good. What a gift it is to feel wanted. This is a great gift that both parties can enjoy.
  4. Create a budget
    1. At Christmas time, Valentine's Day or Anniversary make a challenge out of gift giving. Make a list like, a food item, something blue and something wearable with a budget of $20. My husband is the most competitive person out there and it also gives him a place to start.
  5. Kids
    1. Gifts for kids can be intimidating but there are also several different options. My brother always has date days with his kids. This includes trips to the park, one on one playtime and just good old attention. He also tries to get subscription to the zoo or museum so it is a gift that will give all year long.
    2. Got some hand me downs? Well save them for those special occasions. Your kids won’t know the difference. Wrap them up nice and they are brand new to your kids.

Set it up between you and your loved one that in times of gift giving large amounts of money don’t have to be spent. With open communication, you can start traditions and cut out mindless gifts.


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