Come To Our Table - Sis

When we come to a dinner table we are instantly connected. Sharing a meal together means opening your doors and your heart. Welcoming someone in my house for a meal is very intimate for me. Being able to nourish their bodies and listen to their soules is nothing but an honor. Cooking does not only save money it creates memories and connects us together.

The other day I was getting my sons toy from under the table and I decided to lay there for a little second. Somedays I wish my table could talk. My kitchen table was made for my mom by my uncle over 20 years ago. I know because it was signed, 1996. That table has held many meals, conversations and is only continuing to give. It has seen ups and has caught tears. That table has shared in my life journey.

In this day of fast pace life it is easy to make costly shortcuts. Quick meals that you pay for the convenience add up quickly. I challenge you to make the meal, make the time, and enjoy your table. Create a safe place for family to talk and be with each other. Create rules that everyone respect.

  • No phones. It is import to disconnect and enjoy the people that are at the table with you
  • Everyone eats together and waits till everyone is done
  • Everyone helps, if you cooked well then they clean. Everyone brings something to the table
  • No one leaves the table with an unfinished conversation. If things get hard stick it out, talk, and come to some conclusion. If time or space is the conclusion then so be it.

Life does not always have to be complicated. Something as simple as a table can create the foundation of a family. I am forever grateful for my time at the table. I can only hope I can create the same safe place for my kids.


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