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Come To Our Table - Sis

When we come to a dinner table we are instantly connected. Sharing a meal together means opening your doors and your heart. Welcoming someone in my house for a meal is very intimate for me. Being able to nourish their bodies and listen to their soules is nothing but an honor. Cooking does not only save money it creates memories and connects us together.
The other day I was getting my sons toy from under the table and I decided to lay there for a little second. Somedays I wish my table could talk. My kitchen table was made for my mom by my uncle over 20 years ago. I know because it was signed, 1996. That table has held many meals, conversations and is only continuing to give. It has seen ups and has caught tears. That table has shared in my life journey.
In this day of fast pace life it is easy to make costly shortcuts. Quick meals that you pay for the convenience add up quickly. I challenge you to make the meal, make the time, and enjoy your table. Create a safe place for family to ta…

The Tax Gift of Frugality - Bro

Frugality is a gift to your future self. A small act at the present time can snowball into a huge benefit for future you. This is due to tax impacts, compounding, and added spending flexibility. It might not really seem like much now but with a bit of time these gifts add up to on heck of a holiday down the road. Of the benefits of frugality taxes are most often overlooked.

When most people think about their big three expenses typically housing, cars/transpiration, and food come to mind. The real number one expense for most people is taxes. Not only does Uncle Sam take 18% or more of your income but our dear Uncle also takes another pound of flesh with state taxes, sales tax, property tax, and various other sneaky fees. For every dollar you spend it takes significantly more than that dollar to make up for all of the other money that was taxed away.

Federal income tax is the largest hit you will take. Income tax ranges from 10% to 39.6% depending on how much you make in a year. The inc…

I’ll tell you want I want, what I really really want - Frugal Gifting - Sis

In a perfect world do I want the largest diamond paper holder to hold down my gold all day? Why yes please, but I hear you men, there has to be a better way. What do women really want? Well, I can’t speak for America, but I can tell you a few ideas that would work perfectly with a frugal lifestyle. What does your loved one do daily? Yes, every family is different, I get that. So does your loved one cook dinner every night or clean up on a regular basis? Well there you go. Do that simple task for them. Man, when my husband cooks dinner and I get to just sit back and watch, it is such a gift. You were going to spend the money on the food anyways, so why don’t you take charge and make it your treat. Homemade goodies I know, sounds cheesy, but they never get old. If you have a child, have the kid make the mom a card. What proud mother would not be over the moon for something handmade and the fact you sat down and spent time with the children is icing on the cake. No kids, or too young, no …

Stay At Home Mom - Resume - Sis

I am a stay at home mom in pursuit of financial independence.
Everyday I have to fight for my family. I get to be with my son. Watch him grow and learn. I get to keep my household running. I still have pressures, worries and doubts. Some days I feel weak. I want to financially take some pressure off my husband. Other days I see the boy my son is becoming and I know our family has made the right choice.
But in the end, I am a stay at home mom with a family pursuing financial independence. I am a mom what wants to see my family succeed. I will fight for that. In fact I am fighting for it everyday.
Below is my resume. My job is a Stay at Home Mom.

This resume is to state why I would be a good fit for the job of Stay At Home Mom. I believe my skill set will be adequate and I would prove to be a vital asset. ExperienceChildbirth                                                                                November 2015-July 2016I was able to successfully carry my child for 9 months…