The Time My husband Got Laid Off - Sis

        My husband is an IT recruiter. He is very good at his job. After college he got a job with a private recruiting firm. He worked there for a about year . Then we decided to move to Colorado and he got a corporate job. Two years into that he got recruited for a 20k increase to work a contracting job. After we got married and were starting a family I pressured him to find a non- contract job for the benefits. He got a dream job as a trainer for new recruiters. His first day was when I was 6 months pregnant with our son. Exactly 6 days before my scheduled c-section and around 3 months with the company my husband got laid off.

   We did not have an emergency fund.

   I would not change the time my husband and I got to spend with my son and how he was able to help. It took 4 months for my husband to find a job that was right for our new family. We had 12k in our bank account. By the time he got his new job we had $1200.

    It was a very stressful time for our family. At the time we did not know about frugal living but it was pretty natural to know that cuts had to be made. But the cuts were nowhere enough to sustain long term and we just had our first child.

   You think it won't happen to your family but I guess it did. I don't want to experience that again. We handled it the best we could and stuck together as a family.  No one can predict the future but we can learn and prepare.

 We now have an emergency fund

  I think that in time we will get more aggressive with our emergency fund. There are many alternatives that my brother talked about but you have to find what is best for your family. As a young family we decided to be conservative with our emergency fund.

    We have a “everyday” spending account with a brick and mortar branch. This is where we pay our bills. Then a small house account that is also with the same bank. This is our maintenance and play money for the house. I tend to get excited when it comes to updates around the house so this account helps me not over spend.
    Next, we have a online only bank emergency fund. This money we have forgot about. Its with a total different bank with a higher interest rate. We will not touch this money unless it is an emergency.

   Then we have our Vanguard account. This money is for FI. We should never HAVE to take money out of it. We will GET to take money from it once we have reached financial independence. You need to find balance and do what is best for your family when creating an emergency fund.


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