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The topic of stay at home moms is one that is not discussed enough. In current times it is just assumed that both parents will work. In the “olden” days both parents would work but in different ways. Pa would go out on the farm and do farm stuff and Ma would stay home and sew cloths and cook and clean. It is not until recent times that we have found enough time savings that it has even become possible for the mom to even be able to leave the house to get a paying job. Just because something is possible does not mean that it should be done.

My wife is a stay at home mom. As I have said to her many times she has the harder job. Taking care of a child is a ton of work. Through some kind of crazy math taking care of 2 kids is like caring for a whole army. I really do appreciate all that my wife does for our household. My wife is more than the sum of her parts but because I am a numbers nerd let's break down what her value as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) is. (Side note: Honey I am really sorry for that really really important thing that you do that I forgot on the list below… Hubby CYA)

-House keeping: $100/month
My wife keeps the house clean… or as clean as it can be given we have a 5 year old and a 3 year old.
-Child care: $800/Month
Someone has to watch the next generation. Not only does my wife watch the kids but I cannot imagine anyone else caring as much as she does about our kids. I have heard plenty of horror stories of daycares that basically pack as many kids as possible in and use the TV to placate the masses.
-Cook: $1000/month
My wife is an amazing cook. We hardly ever eat out because for the most part she can out cook most restaurants. Eating out for lunch (I always pack leftovers for lunch) and dinner would cost at least $250/week. ($30/dinner and $8/lunch)
-Saver: $200/month
My wife spends some of her time each week clipping coupons, looking at grocery store sales, and shopping for the best deals on kids essentials. If she was not in charge of running the house then we would just have to live with just paying full price for most things.
-Hair Cutter: $60/month
My son and I both get our hair cut once a month by my wife. A haircut here and a haircut there really add up fast.
-Assets: $50,000 @ 4% AKA $2,000/year
I am not really going to tell you what assets my wife had when I married her but she was fairly well endowed. Those assets are now the family’s assets but without her and her hard work before we had kids we would not have those investments.

Total: $27K+

I know there are a bunch of other articles out there that break down these numbers in a million similar ways. This list is mostly to remind me what I am most thankful for in my relationship and to keep me from falling into the trap of wanting my wife to get a job to accelerate FI. Some things are worth “spending” on and my wife staying home is one of them.

If I forgot something the please feel free to add it in the comments. This is not intended to be a complete list.


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