Listen ladies it’s time to grow a pair! - sis

Disclaimer- We are all on the same journey here. My goal is to always be humble and kind but sometimes we all need to grow up a little. I can’t even start to think of all the times people have stepped all over me because I was “shy” or wanted to be politically correct. That’s enough ladies and gentlemen! The time to be correct is over. The win of the week goes to my brothers wife!

Here is what happened. The bagger at the grocery store (we will just blame that poor unnamed underpaid person) forgot a whole bag of groceries. I mean, we are talking sesame oil,  fancy cheese and more. It was the most expensive bag BY far. So like most Americans, I said whatever, too much energy , donate it to the man. WRONG. Here comes my brother to the rescue. He said, they work for you! Remember, stores know that your business is their very livelihood. They should be treating you like you are royalty. So what does brother bird say to do- call. Mind blowing suggestion to me. So my sister in law called, explained the situation and stated everything that was in that lost grocery bag. About an hour later, she strolled right up to guest services and the bag with the missing items was ready. So one might ask, why does this matter to financial independence? It matters because you need to put the manners aside and stand up for what is truly yours! If you paid for the items then take them.

This also relates to other things. If a restaurant charges you wrong, or even gives you the wrong order don’t be afraid. Take control, be honest and stand up for yourself. This is something that is very hard for me, I am right there with you. But stop paying the man! Grow a pair and use your words. Every decision, and every purchase  puts you one step closer to financial independence so make each one count! Yes, this lesson might seem simple, maybe a little stupid but I bet if you take a step back and apply it to your daily life you will find situations that you need to stand up for your financial future. Only you can take action. All in all, pick up the penny if it’s heads down and go back to the store if your left a bag behind. It really is worth it.


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