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Mooching is the art of using things for cheap or free. It is very different from being cheap or cheating someone. When I was young my mom used to take us over to our grandmas and we would mooch a meal. This would entail us getting to see our grandma, helping her cook on occasion, and hearing the many great stories from my grandma’s youth. This experience cost little to nothing but is truly some of the best memories from my childhood.

The first simple thing to Mooch is the weather. It might seem silly to mooch the wealth but you can have some truly great times free of charge. If it is Winter and you have snow consider going sledding, ice skating on a pond near you or simply take the time to make a snow angel. If it is spring take a chance and play in the mud, admire the miracle of life as plants begin to grow and bloom, or simply take a walk to get some fresh air. If it is summer time then head to the beach, pod or reservoir, go for a hike, or camp in your own backyard. Last if it is fall admire the beauty of the changing color of the leaves, spend some time in a garden harvesting, or simply jump into a pile of leaves like you are 12 again.

Second, mooch off your community. Many communities have many resources that most people don’t bother to utilize. Take the time to go to the parade, go to a fair to take in the sights and smells, visit the park, or simply take a stroll down the sidewalk. Our communities provide us with so many different resources we mostly forget about. It is not uncommon to even have Shakespeare in the park or even pools and rec centers all available for nearly no cost. The library is one of the communities greatest treasures. Take the time to read a strange book, or check out a DVD, or even take a class  your local library offers.

Third, mooch off of friends and relatives. Many of us get so busy with our lives we really forget what it means to have friends and family. Our friends and family usually have amazing things to offer. The first option is to simply have a wonderful meal with your friends and family. A more extreme mooch is to use friends and family to travel. Stay with a friend instead of getting a hotel room, use your parents cabin for the weekend, or go out on a buddies boat. Friends and family love to share their things and experiences with you so why not indulge.

Fourth, mooch off the government. The government provides many amazing things that most people take for granted or choose not to take advantage of. The government has many education programs where you can learn about all sorts of different thing just by visiting various government websites. We have an amazing web of National parks and forest where you can experience nature and its beauties.

Nothing can beat a stroll in the park with on a nice day with the family. Heck even just sitting inside and watching some rain can be a truly amazing experience with a couple of kids. Bedtime reading would not be the same without the a dozen library books. All of these things cost little to no money so mooch away and enjoy life.


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