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Levels of FI - Sis

Financial Independence
What a stiff term, it seems so cold and absolute to me. I don’t think I would have a clue where to start if I tried to define this topic 3 months ago. I was just the typical american consumer. One thing I have learned the past few months is that it does not have to be so cold. Financial independence is actually exciting and full of adventure. If you can take a step back and break things down a little, financial independence can actually become a part of your life. Here is my map to what financial independence looks like as my family and I start this journey together.
Have a job that will pay all of the expenses This is very simple. You have to be able to pay for the various things in your life. If you can’t pay for it, well then you should not have it. You should start there and break down your budget. See exactly what comes in and what is going out.
    2) Purchase a house Why pay for someone else's independence. Yes, various people have different opinions…

Levels of FI - Bro

Financial independence (F.I.) is not just a goal that is achieved or not achieved. Instead it is a broad spectrum of states ranging from having a job that pays the bills to having a steady stream of income from investments so strong you can follow you dreams. To kick off this blog I am going to explain what my different levels of F.I. are. The end goal is to be able to not have money run your life but instead to just have money be a tool.

My Levels of FI 1. Having enough money to pay for expenses: This is the most basic level of F.I. It is achieved when your income (most likely from a job) is equal to or greater than your expenses. It is impossible to get anywhere in life if you are simply racking up debt. If you are living on debt then you are simply building a house of cards. One tiny gust of wind and it will all come crashing down. I have been lucky in my life and always had a good job.

2. Own a house: This level is on my list but might not be on everyone's list. A house is a place…

Hello World

Bro here. Just wanted a place holder while I figure this whole internet thing out. We hope to get our first post out soon but in the mean time check out this sweet ASCII shrug. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯